February 13th, 2012

holiday 1

L<3ve And Stuffs.

1. Happy belated Birthday to lathan_lover! Happy actual Birthday to afra_schatz! Happy early Birthday to elfscribe5! I hope all your days were/are AWESOME!!

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2. I wanted to say Thank You to denig37 and ranua for the V-gifts that they apparently sent me back at Christmas. (stupid LJ doesn't send notifications for v-gifts). I love cookies and anything wearing a ridiculous Santa hat. It's true. Also, Thanks to anyothergirl415 for the beautiful glass heart V-gift I got today. Lovely.

3. And a bazillion hundred THANK YOUS to denig37 for the "That's My Man High-Five" The Todd icon she made me!!!! I am still smiling like an idiot over it. (Go check it out, peoples. I put it up on my last post. That's my man! High-Five!)

4. I finished my Valentine's Day fic. The week got away from me, I was so busy doing RL things that were not really fun but definitely necessary, so I never got my Firefly fic up. But I will definitely be posting my Dean/Cas Valentine's Day AU, probably Wednesday, since I have therapy tomorrow.

5. It is bad luck to end on an even number, so let me inform you that I am eating Sweetheart Valentine's Day candy that I got from my grandma. Yes, I still apparently get Valentine's Day candy from my grandma. It's yummy. The one I just ate said, "Step Up." What the hell kind of love message is that?

That is all.