February 14th, 2012

holiday 2


Just popping in to say "HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!!" to my lovely Flist.


I always think of this day as a way to celebrate all the people whom I love, romantic or otherwise. So for you, my friends, here is a card I made back whenever of Jordana and Clea from "The Faculty" giving kisses to their costar, Shawn. (Why, yes, "Southland" fans, that is Sammy Bryant).

Now I'm going to eat another of the chocolates I got from my sister and go lay down with the heating pad. Therapy was brutal today and I spent the whole time trying to explain to PT who Adam Baldwin is. He's Jayne Fucking Cobb, woman. On the upside, I did convince her to check out "Firefly", which she had never even heard of. (see, Fox, she is a Whedon fan, if you had just given it any promo time, it may have made it! /end rant/)

Hope your days were all good, bbs. <3