February 19th, 2012


Fic: The Best Valentine's Day Ever - PG, Dean/Cas + Various Cameos, AU, Fluff, Romance, Weechesters

My Valentine's Day fic! Hey, I am pretty happy with the fact that I am getting this up less than a week since Valentine's Day occurred. This is a record for me. This story was seriously suppose to be 1,200 words but somehow I kept adding more and more scenes until it was over 4,000 words. I can't remember the last time I broke 4,000 words. Besides adorable!Dean/Cas, I am also really happy with all the added interactions Dean has with everyone else in his life.

A bazillion thanks to liptonrm for the beta!

Summary: Dean wants to buy something special for someone special for Valentine’s Day. First he needs to figure out what to buy, where to get the money and which special classmate to give it to. Dean/Cas (age 12), Sam, John, Bobby + Various Cameos, AU, Fluff, Holiday, Romance, Wee!chesters, Rated PG with some Mild Language and Kissing and 4,444 words.

My lovely Flist for Valentine's Day - this one is for all of you! /hearts and kisses and rainbows/

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