February 23rd, 2012


How To Keep A Baby Unicorn Secret In A Non-Fantasy Based World.

The Nephew was sick the last few days. I called yesterday to see how he was feeling and he called me back today. He is feeling much better, though he keeps hacking up “gross stuff that my dad says I have to spit out.”

Anyways, we had a long conversation but let me just give you a glimpse in the middle of the whole thing. While talking about the cartoon show of "Dungeons & Dragons" from when I was a kid, that I recently purchased on DVD and introduced him too...

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It went on like that for awhile. We ended up training our cheetah to snarl at people that were being mean to us, and then they pee their pants they are so scared and they have to go, “Excuse me, I have to use the bathroom right now,” (that was The Nephew with the polite people excusing themselves from the cheetah) and to race on the Nascar tracks with race cars, only our cheetah doesn’t know what it is suppose to do, so it just runs around and chases its own tail.

Conversations with my nephew - I love them.

We have also decided that I need to invest in the DVDs of "X-Men: Evolution" the cartoon and then this summer, I will loan him Evolution and he will loan me "Teen Titans". Sounds like a plan to me.