February 29th, 2012


Nearer Your Destination.

So, today (Wednesday) my mom is having a hernia surgery. My mom's health is not very good and she doesn't weigh very much and honestly, I don't think she is in any way strong enough to be having a surgery that isn't deemed life or death - but parents, you can't tell them anything.

I feel bad about the fact that I can't go with my sister to the hospital this time, like I did the last time. Since I got sick in October, I have learned my limitations and not to push myself too hard. The last thing my sister needs is for me to throw up/pass out on her while she is waiting at the hospital for news about my mom. So all I can do is wait for the phone to ring, I guess.

The big worry is how easily my mother gets infections. Because of this, I think the few days after the surgery will be more dangerous than anything. My sister went and bought my mom the first four seasons of my mom's newest favorite show, "Doc Martin", so at least she'll have something to watch while she heals up.

In other news, Kevin called me this morning and in a strange twist of irony, I had to tell him that I couldn't talk because I was getting ready to go to therapy.

And Cherri told everyone at the clinic about my Josh Jackson/Elijah Wood Gladiating Games dream. When I came in, one of the girls made a joke about "the games tonight" and I said to The BFF, "I don't know what she is talking about but if it is an orgy, I am in." Turns out, everyone knew about my dream.

That is all.

Updates, Sky Bisons & Dragons, Oh My.

First, thanks to everyone who sent well wishes to my mom! I really appreciate it, you guys.

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Finally, thanks to all the lovelies who sent me blue dragons!! lizibabes, oxoniensis, vikingprincess, fragrantwoods and denig37 - you guys made my day - (it was so random because it wasn't a holiday, and I was pleasantly surprised). You guys probably don't know that I love dragons. I do. Michael Hague is my favorite illustrator and I have The Book Of Dragons that he illustrated. It was like the best day when I found out Hague had illustrated dragons.

So now I will pose to you all the question that The Nephew always poses to me whenever we get to talking about dragons...

Poll #1823005 My Ride To School

Who would you rather ride to school every day?

Appa the Sky Bison.
Toothless the Dragon.

I should have included a "something else entirely I will tell you in comments" option.

Anyways, tomorrow my plan is to catch up on comments and my Flist...or do nothing. Right now I am leaning more towards doing nothing. Tonight my plan is to sleep.