March 7th, 2012


I'll Allow It.

I realize I haven’t posted in a week, so here I am. Let’s do bullet points. I don’t know how to make bullet points, so I’ll use asterisks.

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* Half of why I was able to sleep so long was my new mattress. I spent years on my childhood bed and then my dad bought me a twin-sized Sleep Number bed about 8 years ago. It was great for the first three years or so and then it slowly went downhill. Now I have my first full-sized bed ever. (I had been saying for years that I was going to buy a new mattress but then I would spend my hard-saved money by going to a Supernatural convention. A mattress is great but it’s no Jensen Ackles). My new mattress is omgsosoftncomfy, you guys. It’s a little low to the ground and I kind of have to launch myself into a sitting position because there is so much give in the cushion of it. My little brother is going to have lower my bedside shelf and I am going to have to clear out a corner for a cat bed so my nervous boy, Buddy, who used to sleep under the bed will have a place to feel safe…but it’s like sleeping on a cloud so who cares. PT says the knots in my shoulder were a lot less this week just after one weekend in the bed.

* I started reading “Catching Fire” on Monday. I do plan at some point to talk about my experience reading The Hunger Games but for now, just know that I am like wired out of my freaking head reading this book. I seriously can barely concentrate long enough to write up this post. I knew this would happen as soon as I started it, that I would neglect everything else in my life because even when I’m not reading, I’m too distracted to focus on anything else. But, to amuse you, here is the phone message I left for Cherri (a huge Hunger Games fan) today in the middle of my reading time…

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So there was that.

* Finally, OMG, “Breaking In” IS BACK ON TV!! Michael Rosenbaum is no longer on it but Megan Mullaly has joined the cast (I love her but am unsure about the direction of that storyline) but I don’t even care because IT’S BACK!! The episode started with Oz thanking some client named Mr. Fox for giving his company another chance. I love you, Oz. I literally made squeaky noises of delight when he uttered the words, “I’ll allow it.”

Between Catching Fire and Breaking In and the fourteen hours of sleep - I have been a little wired today. Also, I want to write Hunger Games fic. I have an idea and everything.

Off to bed now.