March 19th, 2012


SuckFest - Not The Good Kind.

I am typing this on my decades old laptop, so forgive me the typos. It has been a really shitty week.

On Monday night our septic tank started shaking so hard it shook the whole house. At like 11 at night, my sister and The BFF had to run around trying to figure out what to do with the damn thing. They unhooked it and in the end, we had to buy a new one, which put my sister out $800 she doesn't have.

The BFF's computer got a virus and the tech people told her to download thisnthat from the internet because apparently they don't understand what "completely locked out of everything" means. She ended up paying Best Buy $200 - that she doesn't have - to wipe her computer. She did have all her documents backed up, thankfully, but she lost a bunch of music and all her Sims play, including Sam and Dean Sims that she has had for years. Dodger-Sim and the adorable son, George, that she had with James Kirk are dead now.

On Tuesday night, I started my Awesome Time of Month, which...okay, if Jeffrey Dean Morgan is never going to knock me up, then what's the point of having ovaries? Thankfully the Girl Scout cookies came in that day, so at least I had some comfort food.

On Wednesday, my sister found out that the project she has poured six months into at her office is being completely ignored by everyone. Her secondary-boss basically told all the staff that they don't have to do it and she is getting no support from the head-boss, who authorized the project in the first place. She feels totally ignored and wasted.

On Wednesday, I actually felt pretty good. I showered and planned to head out to Target to pick up a birthday card for ranua - (never did, babe, but I was thinking of you) - when suddenly the whole room started spinning.

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Anyways, it sucks and I am hoping the specialist finds a nasty ear infection that explains everything and that it isn't the Mysterious Illness (which I was sure was from a concussion) starting up again. I doubt that is what the specialist will say but let's live in denial for a few days.