March 21st, 2012

tie kink

Wanted: Sugar-Daddy.

So Livejournal likes giving blowjobs. Because it sucks. Or it was my laptop that sucks. Or my laptop and Livejournal were involved in some sort of mutual suck-off together.

I typed up my last entry and clicked 'post' and it took forever to do anything. Then when it did, LJ told me to 'view the entry' but I just clicked over to my homepage. My post wasn't there.

Luckily - since the one DDOS attack where I typed up a 800 word entry and then it disappeared when I posted it - I have learned to save my posts to documents before I click the button. So I just emailed it to myself and then turned on my desktop computer and copied and posted it. Then I checked my inbox and I had a comment on the first post (that one that wasn't visible on my LJ). So I clicked over to my Friend's List and saw two entries from myself. It took a minute for me to realize one of them (the first one which I posted from my laptop) was dated February 17th. I looked in my archives and there it was in February.

I am still not sure if it was Livejournal or my laptop. And today, first my laptop wouldn't even do anything once it was turned on and then later it worked really well and let me reply to comments from it and everything. Idk.

I got my laptop in 2002 or 2003 and it was used then. I had been wondering what to save up my money for next - since I have been saving for over a year for the new mattress I just bought - and I guess I know what is next. The BFF recently got a Kindle Nook, which is awesome and I was thinking of getting one of those, but I think a laptop would be better.

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I wish it was legal to advertise in the newspaper for a sugar-daddy. I'd be fairly undemanding for a kept-woman. Right now I just want a laptop.