March 22nd, 2012


It's All Shiny.

So, you know how everything is kind of sucking for me right now? Doesn't matter. Doesn't matter that the room keeps tilting or that my laptop sucks. Doesn't matter that my mother is completely unreasonable (should a person who has had two hernia surgeries in less than six months keep lifting things?). Doesn't matter that my caseworker is demanding my in-depth bank statements (I haven't recently purchsed any porn but do I want my caseworker to see when I do?). Doesn't matter.

It's all shiny.

Because after I wrote that post about everything sucking, my sister went and got the mail. And in the mail was a letter addressed to The Sister, The BFF and myself.

From The Nephew.

He addressed it himself, with his little backwards letters and adorable little kid handwriting. He drew us each a picture and wanted to send them to us. We each got a picture of a house.

He is five years old and in kindergarten and already addressing and mailing his own things. How cute is it that he drew us pictures and sent them in the mail? The kid is a genius and a total sweetheart to boot.

Here is the picture he drew for me.

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I love that kid.

Real Or Not Real.

This had to be a separate post from my earlier happy one because…I have reached page 300ish of “Mockingjay“. This is why I don’t read a ton of books. With a movie, you get two hours of being tense and upset and then maybe a day or two of obsessively thinking about it. With a book, it takes days to read and you are upset and tense the whole time and spend days waking up in the middle of the night thinking about it and…yeah.

This book is really upsetting! I left a little note on the wipe-board for my roomies and then a voicemail message on Cherri's phone. You can read them under the cut…

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I really want to work on my Gale/Finnick fic now for some cathertic release. Yes, I am writing Gale/Finnick. Shut up. Off to read the last 60 pages of book.