March 27th, 2012

the hunger games

Health And Hunger Games.

Health Update - I saw the doctor on Friday. We talked about the dizzy spells. She looked in my ears and said everything looked fine. She also said there is a virus going around with the exact symptoms that I have. I asked what I could do about it and she said, "Wait it out." Boo that. Then she suggested that I take a decongestant. But I don't like taking those things at all. The last time I took one I thought my heart was going to explode. I already have a problem with being over-stimulated real easily and jittery and stuff - we don't need to make the problem worse. She said the decongestant would speed up the recovery but either way, time is the real healer. If I don't feel better by this weekend, I can call up my ear doctor just to double check on that end.

In Hunger Games news...Collapse )

I feel like there were more things to tell you, but I am blanking now. is having a sale through the end of the month. 20% off all tees if you get there by Saturday.

In sum: After last week's Supernatural, I am in desperate need of domestic Dean/Cas fic. Anybody got a rec for me?