March 29th, 2012


My Buddy.

So my cat, Big Buddy, is sick. He is the black and white cat that was one of the kittens born to my sister’s cat, Zippo and my cat, Papa Bear - both of whom have passed away now. I named him Krycek but these days he only answers to Big Buddy. Or if you sing that old TV commercial song for The My Buddy Doll. (who remembers The My Buddy Doll?)

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Here is a picture of Big Buddy attempting to rip the nose off his Bert-Baby.

He successfully ripped the nose off his Ernie-Baby in a matter of days but he has been working on Bert's nose for years now.

I do have one really good thing to report - The Nephew is coming for a visit this weekend! Always a good thing. And I did some stress therapy today - eating Girl Scout cookies and reading fan fic. I think it helped a little.