March 31st, 2012


Buddies. Surf Or Otherwise.

Alright, a little late but...who saw the most recently aired Hawaii Five-O?

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Anyways, The Nephew is asleep now and I met my word count for the week, so I am going to curl up and watch some Psych for awhile. I love the kid, but he wears me out. we played Space Cops with our Legos and when we arrested bad guys and put them in prison, my Lego-guys would tell them, "There is no hot cocoa and no ice cream in prison, you know?!" So The BFF comes upstairs and hears me go to arrest a Lego-guy and I said, "Give us that spaceship back, thief, or you are going to prison. And you know about prison, right?" I hear someone make this sort of choked/snorting sound behind me and I didn't even have to turn around to know the expression on her face. I just hollered at her, "There is no hot cocoa or ice cream in prison!" and The Nephew goes, "That's right!".

I blame the internets, you guys. And probably fanfic. Way too much fanfic.

Good night all.