April 2nd, 2012


MultiFandom Crossover Dream!

So, last night I had two very distinct dreams.

The first one is really too embarrassing to tell you about, even though it was also quite funny. Let's just say it involved me, Christian Kane and Steve Carlson. And it was really graphic, which was nice for me. But the end proved once again that I am a big giant sap. I Mary-Sued myself into my own dreams in the most Mary-Sue-way of all.

The second dream was awesome, though I can't remember a lot of detailed specifics. In it there was a demon brothel - as in humans were kidnapped and forced to work as sex slaves in a brothel that serviced only demons. It was being investigated by the FBI, including people from the TV show "Numb3rs" and the show "Without a Trace". (my boy, Danny Taylor, was there!) On the demon side of things, unbeknownst to the FBI, it was being investigated by Angel the Vampire Detective who was teamed up with Shawn and Gus from "Psych".

It all makes total sense in my head!

The FBI had this special scanning device so that they could see what was going on inside the brothel. It seemed like what it should show was heat images, thermal outlines indicating humans and demons. Instead, what the computer monitored showed was what looked like Sims. Sim human women having sex with Sim demons - graphically. The Sim demons were all various colors with various horns and tentacles coming out of their heads and other body parts.

Then the FBI burst in at the same time as Angel, only they were all like, "Freeze, FBI!" and Angel just went about ripping all the demons' heads off. As one does. I seem to recall something at the end where both Danny Taylor and Gus took home kids they found at the brothel whose parents had been killed by the demons. I am pretty sure, somehow, that the one Gus offered to take home was actually a vampire-kid. Do you think Gus will love him anyways?

In Sum: MultiFandom Crossover Dream FTW!!