April 4th, 2012

daughters of eve

I Run And Run As The Rains Come.

I feel like I complain a lot these days. I swear I had a really funny post all lined up for today's segment in my life, but then this afternoon happened.

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Also, my house has ants. This giant mammoth sized one crawled across my computer screen last night while I was on LJ. I freaked out. Buddy has these toys sitting on my computer desk that he plays with whenever he is sitting in the computer chair with me, so I grabbed one and I squished the ant. When I lifted the toy up, the ant was still alive and like injured and half-dragging itself towards me! Yuck!! Then there was another ant later that my sister's kitties were batting at and I stepped on it and killed it, only to later find them playing with the dead ant’s body. Gross.

Now that I have creeped you out with bloody medical details and talk of dead ant carcasses, I shall go.