April 6th, 2012

sons of adam

Better Days.

So, yesterday was a better day.

I called my caseworker and she said everything was fine with my benefits. She didn't get through her mail in time and the system automatically sent me a notification of termination (termination - it sounds like they plan to kill me, lol). I should get a new letter soon saying everything is all set. It is just frustrating when I get these letters after 5pm and I can't do anything about it.

I called the doctor too and they moved my appointment up a little. Not until May, but 1 month is better than 2 1/2 months. I have to go to the other clinic, which is a little farther away but still doable. I would just feel better if someone who knows my legs a little looked at my knee and told me whether it looked off at all. /shrug/

Still, a better outcome on both things. And my sister sprayed for ants, so hopefully that will be done too.

Also, it was beautiful outside yesterday - (was today too) - sunny and 50 degrees and I opened the porch and let the cats go lay in the sun. Kirk was my friend all night, somehow knowing I had a bad day and Pippin came and slept on top of me while I watched my morning TV. I spent the afternoon reading fanfic - some Dean/Cas, a little LotR, a Hunger Games fusion, some Star Trek and a Jensen/Misha fic. It was an indulgent afternoon.

Then at dinnertime, we watched Psych and Rob Benedict guest starred! He was so cute in his little suit. I just want to have his babies. Between the two of us, our children would be tiny little figurine sized people.

And when I was falling asleep, I caught Craig Ferguson. Jeffrey Dean Morgan was on and I got all SQUEE when Craig introduced him as "my good friend, Jeffrey Dean Morgan." They didn't touch each other though, as they are so apt to do, because Jeffrey was sick. I did learn a valuable lesson: Don't watch Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Craig Ferguson flirt with each other right before bed - it gets you all riled up.

Then while I was sleeping, I had a Leverage dream. It was an epic movie-sized plot dream (again) wherein I made out with Christian Kane (again, though this time it was Eliot Spencer) and I was some 'character' of myself who was totally a Mary-Sue (again). I've been thinking about the dream all day. The downside was I woke up from the dream and then couldn't get back to sleep because I kept replaying it in my head. Everyone should dream about being on the Leverage team just once. It's fun!

Today I feel really tired, but it's probably from spending all night making out with Eliot Spencer. I'm gonna go to bed early and tomorrow I hope to have time to give you a couple of fic recs!