April 7th, 2012

holiday 2

Happy Easter!!!

Not going to get to fic recs tonight, nor do I have time now to watch the rest of the Tigers game I Tivoed earlier - because I had important traditional Easter things to do tonight.

My sister came home from the store this afternoon and was all, "So I bought us a present. A movie to watch, but it is a rather traditional Easter thing so I don't know if you will want to watch it."

I thought, 'Did she buy The Ten Commandments? I mean, I really like that movie - best thing about Sunday school was getting to watch that movie every year. But a little weird she picked it up at the store.'

Then she pulls something out of her bag and OMG - BATTLE: LOS ANGELES!! Awesome. She said it was to add to my triangle off awesome fun comfort movies. So now it isn't just Jurassic Impact Day (the movie where alien dinosaurs come to earth riding a meteor) - It's Battle: Jurassic Impact Day (the movie where alien dinosaurs come to earth riding a meteor to land in Los Angeles!). Sounds awesome, right?

So we watched that tonight. I swear I am not a pussy or about to have my womanly time, but I cried anyways. It has the knack of hitting all those buttons that trigger my tears - with the impassioned speeches and whatnot. (like President Pullman and President Freeman in those other movies - those were their names, right?). I got all choked up during the hero moments and shit, and there a lot of hero moments in Battle: Los Angeles.

Anyways, tomorrow I have breakfast with some of the family and then a visit to my grandparents, so now I must go to sleep whilst thinking about this awesome idea I just had for Alien Apocalypse vs Leverage. You all go to sleep thinking about that too.

Here is some holiday art featuring Legolas!

Happy Easter, Ya'll!!!!