April 13th, 2012


When His Body Parts Reattached Themselves.

So, today my aunt took me to therapy and when she came back to pick me up, she had my cousin's kids in the car. The Boy Cousin is about to turn twelve and The Little Girl Cousin is almost eight. We had this conversation upon seeing an ambulance at one of the old folks homes.

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He was so not helping his own cause! She wouldn't take the DVD, in the end. It actually has some bad language in it which may not have been appropriate for The Little Girl Cousin, but considering when she was a toddler and would wake up in the middle of the night, her dad would rock her back to sleep while watching "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back", I figure it would probably be okay for her to see Monster Squad.

In TV News - who saw the season finale of Psych?! Holy Shit. Are they serious? And it doesn't come back until the fall! I can't wait that long to find out what happens. They ended on a cliff-hanger! They never end on a cliff-hanger! What is happening in my world?! It can't be. It just can't.

In Sum: I think The Sister and I are going to see "Cabin In The Woods" this weekend. If we don't wear ourselves out first with the bazillionity errands we have to run.

(Why, yes, I did change my 'horror' icon from Josh Hartnett in "30 Days of Night" to a "Monster Squad" icon - what do you mean 'that's not horror'?)