April 15th, 2012

hunger games relationships

Ficage In March.

Well, halfway through the month and I finally get around to posting this. My word count for last month! The lowest yet this year, but still more than double my ‘500 words a week’ goal - considering I had The Tilting Virus all month, I am quite happy with this.

A few new things this month - I started the month with the urge to write porn. When I think porn, I think Jeffrey Dean Morgan. So I tried for a pairing I had never done before and went JDM/Jensen. Though, of course, I wrote 750 words and still haven’t gotten to the actual porn yet. /shakes head/ Then I also started my first Leverage fic ever, thanks to mid-afternoon reruns on TNT. But mostly, March was about The Hunger Games.

lizibabes was encouraging me to write a threesome in this fandom and I told her, “Well, I already wrote my gen fic and then I have to finish my Gale/Finnick fic and then I want to start my Johanna/Annie fic and after that I have an idea for a Gale/Peeta fic and then I’ll write a threesome. Oh…huh. I guess it is official - I have a new fandom!”

Here is my approximate word count for the month.

March, 2012
Week 1/2: 750 words of JDM/Jensen PWP.
Week One: 1,200 words of Hunger Games Gen fic. Completed.
Week Two: 700 words of Leverage AU.
Week Three: 1,000 words of Gale/Finnick fic.
Week Four: 1,550 words of Johanna/Annie fic.

5,200 words written in March!

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Not as many fics completed in March as usual, but I am working on them this month. I am wicked excited to be trying out two new fandoms! I have lots of ideas for The Hunger Games and Leverage. So far this month I have finished the Gale/Finnick fic and written some more Without A Trace. I also have some LJ-peeps celebrating birthdays soon, so I hope to write some fics for them before the end of the month.