April 16th, 2012


Happy April!

Happy Birthday to all my Flisties who celebrate this month - seems like I got a lot of notifications this last week. princesslanie, evildrem, buddyholly15, queenklu, misslucyjane and vikingprincess!

Here's hoping your days are/were awesome! You guys rock!

Have some birthday art...

That's right, I think I'm funny. Also...Hobbits!!


In Weather News - it was freaking windy today! It sounded like a banshee outside - there were these terrible screeching noises and everything. I was worried about ceitfianna walking to work, but then I remembered she was out of town. My sister has this high-up window in her bedroom that she leaves open so the cats can get in their perch and look out. So today all of a sudden the bedroom door slammed shut and I was like, "Um, hello?" - kind of freaked out. So I opened the door and a little while later, it slammed shut again. Finally this time I realized she had her bedroom window open and it was from the wind. (The Nephew said, "Did you think it was an invisible person slamming the door?") Also, yesterday it rained so much that we have standing water in our backyard. It didn't storm too bad but we just got several down-pours. Weird stuff.

Hope all of your weathers are not too bad, bbs.