April 21st, 2012


Fic: A Date In The Life Of Danny Williams - H5O, Steve/Danny, PG-13, HS AU, Romance

A few days late here, but by my standards, totally on-time! A birthday fic for queenklu!! A Hawaii Five-O high school au wherein Danny hates Hawaii and he and Steve bicker a lot and there are fireworks. This is the first High School AU I have ever written! (it doesn't count as an au if the show I am writing about is actually set in a high school, right? - so that OTH thing doesn't count). I started a CW RPS one once but I never finished it - so this is definitely my first!

Dedication: For queenklu. Happy Birthday, BB!! I know your birthday fell in the middle of your 6 billion essays being due, so I figured you needed some happy-fun-times here. Hope this does the trick. Also, hope your birthday was a fried stick of awesome wrapped in toasted awesomeness and dribbled with some awesome-sauce. You deserve it, bb!

Summary: Danny hates Hawaii. He hates the sun and the sand and the stupid surfers. He hates pretty much everything, except Steve McGarrett. In fact, to be honest, Danny is kind of head-over-heels about Steve and he kind of hates that too. (Warning for 'underage' as the boys are 16/17 in this) 3,648 words.

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Go To The Cabin In The Woods!

Last night ceitfianna came down and we went out to dinner. My sister came along and we talked quite a bit about The X-Men - because what else do three 30-something women talk about at dinner? I honestly don't know. Anyways, it was a lovely evening. We are hoping to do a movie marathon weekend at the end of May together - maybe even some 'Lord of the Rings' viewing. Although, now my sister has discovered that ceitfianna watched 'Dark Angel Alec' back in the day, so I know what she is going to suggest we watch.

Then today I went and saw "The Cabin In The Woods". It! Was! Awesome! It was like...The Hunger Games meets The Evil Dead. It was a thriller and a horror and a Joss Whedon movie. I was like jumping out of my seat and screaming at the same time that I was clapping and laughing - only Whedon and Co can pull that off. Also, my heart will forever belong to Fran Kranz. He stole the fucking show. And his bong? Both moments involving the giant awesome bong had me clapping my hands. If you saw it, you know what I'm talking about. Man, I wish I had a beauty like that one back in my day. Other great actors in this movie were Bradley Whitford (I miss him on my TV) and Richard Jenkins, as well as Amy Acker, Tom Lenk (that was a sweet surprise) and Chris Hemsworth (that man does things to me). It was scary and awesome and fun and hysterical and nerve-wracking and had an interesting plot mythology. Just an all-around great movie-going experience. If I were made of money and time, I would go see it again. I am definitely buying it when it comes out on DVD. Also, my sister pointed out how 'The Puppeteers' were clearly working for Wolfram & Hart. Y/Y?

In final news - I know back when I mentioned getting to watch the private Steve Carlson & Christian Kane concert on StageIt's live streaming, that some of you were interested. They are doing it again! On May 26th, which is a Saturday. Idk if I am going to buy a ticket, because it is a holiday weekend and Idk what I will be up to - but if you all want, they have some tickets left (not a ton, but some). Signing up for StageIt is free and then you just pay for the concerts you want to see. Go to Stage It for more info.