April 27th, 2012

tww guys

Decisions. Decisions.

So my LJ anniversary is coming up next month and I have been trying to decide how to celebrate it. So, let me ask your opinion.

The first thing I thought up to do is a simple fandom question post where you can ask me any fandom (or even slightly fandom related) question that you would like and I will answer it. What was my first fandom? My first fanfic? Something you want to know about my writing process? My first fandom experience? Fandoms I've written in before? I would put up the question post on the 5th, which is the day The BFF set up my LJ for me and then the answer post on the 13th, which is what I consider my LJ anniversary because it is the day I made my first entry.

Or the one meme I saw that I kind of like was where you all leave me comments with fictional stories about things that happened to you and me - like making up a crazy story about how you and I ended up going out to dinner with Jensen and Misha, or making up a crazy story about how we went on that trip to New Zealand and ended up working for WETA. This seems like a fun meme and also one were you, my Flisties, do all the work and I reap all the reward! I like it.

I also thought that I could celebrate by posting the very first fanfic I ever wrote, which is something I have actually thought about doing in the past. I just need to type it up, since it is written down in my very first diary from when I was seven.

Poll #1836804 Let's Celebrate!

What Should I Do For My LJ Anniversary?

Fandom Q&A Post.
Crazy Fictional Story Meme.
Post My First Fanfic.

Any other suggestions?