April 28th, 2012


Let's Play A Game About Manners.

So I accidentally made that poll a 'checky-box' which is okay because I can see what ideas you liked, even if you picked more than one. Except one of you picked ALL THE THINGS. You know who you are! That's not helpful! /points finger/ It currently looks like the Fictional Story Meme is winning but I'm leaving it open for awhile longer.

Now let's play a hypothetical. Let's say your family all lives in one state and you live a ways away in another state. And when you come to visit, you always stay with your sister, because she has the most room for your family and is in a central location and it just works out best. Still with me? So now let's say you are thinking about coming home for a visit. What is the first thing you do?

a) Tell your mom you are coming for a visit.
b) Tell your dad you are coming for a visit.
c) Ask your boss for time off.
d) Get time off and schedule the whole trip.
e) Call your sister and let her know what is going on.

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I actually had a lot more complaints about this typed up but I think you all get the main picture. It's never convenient when they come visit but at least it would be nice if we didn't have to cancel things we had going on just because they are coming home. I wish my mom had bought a house that was big enough for his family to stay at. I love my brother and I hate that those kids are growing up so far away from me that I am missing it all. I want to be able to be happy when they come home to visit but when it puts this much stress on me, it is hard to be anything but grumpy.