May 1st, 2012


May Day Things.

I know you are all looking at that icon and thinking, "How does that relate to May Day?" I'll tell you how! The BFF came in today and said, "It's May Day. We should all be engaging in pagan fertility orgies." And I said, "Really? Huh. There should be a May Day Big Bang."

After some discussion we decided it should be a May Day ficathon. There should be pagan goddess cursing people and sex pollen and orgies and rituals and poor unsuspecting Winchesters and yes, even MPreg. Someone grab that idea and run with it for next year, would you? Thanks.

Other things I need are some Kenzi icons from "Lost Girl". I've seen a few around lately on the journal of a flisty, but now I can't remember who. Or just Lost Girl icons in general would be nice. Anyone got a link rec for the pretties? I said 'Fuckballs' today in a comment and then I thought how wrong it felt to say that without a Kenzi icon. Plus, I love her and the shit Kenzi says. Girl owns my heart. If you help me out with this, it may encourage me to write Lost Girl fic. Or at the least, to say ridiculously awesome things ala Kenzi more often. /sweet smile/

Finally, does anyone know of an Avengers fic community? I searched LJ but alas, I find nothing. I need a place to crosspost my Darcy & Coulson fic. Plus, yes, there will be more Avengers fic from me in the future! Aren't you excited? Now I just need a place to pimp it out. Anyone know of a good spot?

Thank you and good night.