May 11th, 2012


How My Nephew Is A Genius.

The Nephew’s birthday is on Sunday. This means Sunday is Mother’s Day, The Nephew’s 6th birthday and my 2nd LJ anniversary. His party is Saturday. They are having it at a park so here’s crossing my fingers that is doesn’t rain and that it isn’t as cold as the last time. It is a robot theme party, so my sister made a giant robot costume out of a box. (yes, there will be pictures). The last time she turned a box into a robot he was 2 (maybe 3) and he was terrified of it. I hope he thinks it is awesome this time because I am worried he is too old for robot-boxes and my sister will be so disappointed if he doesn’t love it.

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I’ll try to put the fic up on Monday. Also, Sunday is my LJ anniversary and I will be doing the Fictional Story Meme where you all leave me little stories about some crazy adventure the two of us got up to together (hence the fictional part of the meme). Now I am off to bed early so I can get up for the birthday party. Night all.