May 22nd, 2012


Aren't I The Cutest?!

So, this is my birthday post (okay, so it is an hour too early but whatever). As long as I don't fall on my face once my houseguests leave, I will be typing up my first fanfic ever (I have to type it up because it is hand-written in my old elementary school diary) as my gift to all of you on my birthday.

Also, The BFF will be returning home from her exile and we can give each other big birthday hugs, as it is her birthday as well! It is The BFF's hobbit-coming-of-age this year. I feel like we should give her a round of applause and some scones or tea and biscuits. My sister is taking us both out to a super fancy birthday dinner this weekend.

I have many things to tell you all about my visit with my brother and family, but right now I just spent an hour and a half talking with him and his wife about The Apocalypse and now I am very tired (I get all riled up talking about the end of the world, you know).

So let me leave you with this picture of me as a baby. I think maybe baby-pictures will be a birthday tradition for me on LJ, since I did it last year. I mean, I was an adorable kid, right?

How 1970's is that picture?

Awwww, I missed my LJ this week. /pets its pretty head/