May 24th, 2012


Babies! And Jet-Skiing With Spock.

My brother and family have gone home. It wasn’t as exhausting as last time, in part because the kids are older now and because I walked away from everything else this week and just used my limited energy on family stuff. Also, I routinely slipped away during bathtimes and lunchtimes to read my book.

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They called today to say they had made it home safe. Then my niece got on the phone and said, “Hello, kitty kitty Pippin.” She doesn’t even miss me, just the kitty!

My plans for the weekend include birthday dinner on Saturday, catching up on comments, making another post similar to this one but about things that happened this week that do not have to do with my brother’s visit, watching the miniseries of Treasure Island that I taped with Elijah Wood in it and watching the return episode of So You Think You Can Dance. I am so excited my summer show is back! Dance auditions are not my favorite part of the show but I do like to see if I can pick out who the best dancers will be even as early as audition time.

In sum: Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes and all that jazz! Proper replies are forthcoming, my lovelies. /kisses/