May 29th, 2012

misha collins

This Is Misha. This Is Joel.

I need Community icons now. I need Community everything, pretty much, all the time now. I had seen a few special episodes (paintball #2, Law & Order, etc), but my sister got The BFF the first two seasons for her birthday last week and we spent the whole holiday weekend marathoning the first season. I love them all. I can't pick a favorite - but oh, I know where I stand on the shipping because that thing that happened at the end of the first season? Oh Yeah. My sister and I need to run out and buy our own copies because The BFF will be taking hers with her and WE NEED ALL THE COMMUNITY!! You know I am like gone crazy about this because I have been thinking about a Plague Apocalypse where the members of the study group start meeting up with each other, you know, having been strangers before. Think "The Stand" but with The Community peeps. Fun, right? (you know I have gone for a new show when I start 'apocalypsing' it).

Anyhoo, all of this leads me to flawed_x_design's birthday!!! Happy birthday!! flawed_x_design pointed out to me awhile back how Misha Collins and Joel McHale were friends, showed me that Misha went to Joel's birthday party and gave me clips of Misha on The Soup with Joel and...well, it's pretty much all her fault that I ship Misha/Joel now!!! ALL HER FAULT!!! And now that I am all about Joel McHale, this makes me even happier. So, in that honor...

This is Misha. This is Joel.
This is Misha and Joel.

Want, take, have, everyone.