May 30th, 2012

boys being boys

Do The Dance Of Joy!

I had a really good holiday weekend. Friday was very productive with lots of replying to comments and emails and a good solid chunk of writing. The rest of the weekend was less productive, as all I want to do is play my new video game. Go!Vacation is the most fun ever! So far Dodger!Mii has run into Spock, Special Agent Danny Taylor, The Nephew, Spike, Scully, Uhura and Angel. At one point I was hanging out with Spike and Scully at the same time, which amused me to no end for some reason.

On Saturday my sister took me and The BFF out to Olive Garden for dinner. I went outside the box and tried something new - Chicken and Shrimp Carbonara and it was D-Licious. Then we shared a piece of cake at the end of the night - Triple Chocolate Cake - which is a layer of chocolate cake, and a layer of chocolate mousse, then cake, then mousse, then cake again at the bottom. YUMMY.

On Monday we had a cookout - my sister, myself, The BFF, my cousin and ceitfianna. We had good food and my cousin brought ice cream cake. We had good conversation and we played our six degrees of actors game. But most importantly, in the middle of the cookout, my sister-in-law called to say...

That she's PREGNANT!! THE NEPHEW IS GOING TO BE A BIG BROTHER!!! He has wanted a little brother for so long - he used to tell me stories about things he did with his brother, Iceman. But I am honestly hoping for a little girl. We don't have enough of those in the family. In the kid-generation, we only have two girls and one of them is the Canadian-Niece, who lives in Canada. Financially, this is going to be a big struggle for them. My brother has been doing the stay-at-home dad thing for six years and now that The Nephew is in school full-time he has started picking up some work - (he was in construction, drywall, roofing, etc), which gave them just that bit extra cash to not be sweating it all the time and now he will be back to doing the stay-at-home thing. So I am a little worried about the stress this will put on them, but mostly I am just SUPER EXCITED TO BE AN AUNT AGAIN!!!

In sadder news, The BFF moved out of our basement apartment today. Her parents are headed off for a year and a half and need someone to watch the house and the dog. So it is a good set-up for her - she can live there cheaply and be right near work - (she just got a temp job at a place that will last her several months). But it will just feel weird not to have her in the house anymore. I know, for the first eight years of our friendship, she didn't live with us - but it feels like she always lived with us. It’s okay though, we will all live together again during the end times (we have an apocalypse plan, after all).

I suppose I should do something productive now - like put away laundry or do some writing - even though what I really want to do is play more Go!Vacation.