June 3rd, 2012


Go Mets! Go Nephew! Go FanFic!

GO METS!!! I know some of you are shocked to hear me say that, but I used to watch The Mets a bit back in the day and anyways, you gotta throw out some love to fellow competitors when they deserve it. And The Mets deserve it - Johan Santana threw the first no-hitter in the history of the team!!!!! Congrats, Santana!! (I kind of can't wait to see Jon Stewart's reaction come Monday night's program).

In family news, The Nephew went to a birthday party at a Bouncy House/Arcade place. His dad was playing this shooting game and it was two player but The Nephew said he didn't want to play, that he would just watch. Then this little kid came over and picked up the second gun and started pretending that he was shooting too. So The Nephew turns to the kid and says, "Do you want to play? You can play, I have money," and pulls two quarters out of his pocket and puts them in the game so the kid can play. How awesome is my boy?! When they were walking away, my brother stops him and says, "Buddy, I know that kid didn't say 'thank you', but that was a really nice thing you did," and The Nephew goes, "Yeah. I know." I LOVE THAT KID!!

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Also, THANKS A BAZILLION to fragrantwoods for the fireworks V-gift (someday we will have scratch-n-sniff computers so I can smell the perfect afterburn - what? Yes, I like the smell of fireworks) and denyce for the delicious looking cupcake!!

I am slowly catching up on LJ-things after having gotten so far behind when my brother was visiting and then the week of sleeping that followed. I am making myself not comment on everything, and I'll be slowly picking away at it this week.

In Sum: I have Law And Order: SVU on in the background and Garret Dillahunt is playing a creepy ass child-molester. How can a guy that funny play a guy that creepy?