June 5th, 2012


Of Days Gone By.

I was really sick to my stomach all day on Sunday. I had cramps so bad I was sweating from it. I figured it was Awesome Time of Month but 30-some hours later I still hadn't started. Then I was a little worried. Also, all the chocolate was gone, which was upsetting. I have finally started my Awesome Time now, which is good as in it means there isn't something terribly wrong with my stomach (it was much worse than usual this month) and I have made it through Day One (which is always the worst) and now I have to just convince myself to be productive and do some writing tomorrow, instead of trying to get that damn treasure chest on that damn cliffside. I swore to myself I would never play a video game that was so complicated that I had to look up a guide on the internet, and yet today, I found a guide to Go!Vacation. I don't have to get the treasure chests to enjoy the game but now it is a matter of pride, dammit!

Also, I took this quiz today about which Sherlock character I am (saw it on mandatorily's LJ and had to give it a try!). I usually don't post the results of these things but I am so amused by the fact that I am Lestrade that I had to share with ya'll.

You are Lestrade. You’re a hard worker who is seriously dedicated to your job, even when it might negatively impact other areas of your life. A bit jaded in your view of the world, you nevertheless value success and competence, and are willing to embrace unconventional methods if they will help you achieve your goals. Plus, you’re great at getting along with a wide variety of people — whether they get along with each other or not.

Pretty damn accurate. Take the quiz here.

In final and most important news - Here is a trailer for Les Mis the musical movie!!! I AM EXCITE, PEOPLES!! Called The Little Brother to tell him the trailer was out and the kid didn't even know they were making a movie. He is a huge Russell Crowe fan and Javert is his favorite character of all (very possibly mine too - he has such a great arc), so my brother was extra super psyched to hear about this.

This looks freaking awesome!

In Sum: I had a nightmare last night about having to ride on a camel with my mom. Idek.