June 11th, 2012

phone call

How May I Direct Your Call?

So, it was kind of a crazy day. It seemed like the phone rang off the hook all day,

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So, yes, the phone rang all day with updates on all of these things.

On the upside to the phone ringing all the time, in the last two days I have gotten to have good long talks with some people I hadn’t in awhile - my little brother (we usually only talk about whatever is going on with my parents but we actually talked about some stuff going on in his life this time. He has been following the twitter of some guy who is walking across the US as a homeless man to see how many people are willing to help homeless people. He talked about that. I talked about Misha Collins. Who is surprised?), The Nephew (who wanted to know if we were having a party for my sister’s birthday and then tried to talk me into having one so he could come. We settled on him, The BFF, my sister, myself, cupcakes, sleepover, movie watching and he finally agreed that was sufficient), my friend D (the one who lives out of state and that I haven’t talked to since April) and Kevin (who I have literally been playing phone tag with since the beginning of May).

I called Kevin yesterday to tell him that his ladies need to be watching “Bunheads” because it is by the maker of Gilmore Girls and it has dancing in it. They are all fans of both those things. It premiered tonight on ABCFamily, so I will be watching that during my breakfast tomorrow. The Gilmore Girls and dancing - who is shocked that I am watching this show? No one? Thought not. Kevin called me back to say that his girls would all want to watch this show but they weren’t home and he didn’t know how to program the DVR. I mocked him endlessly for his tech-illiteracy. All I could think of was Wolverine trying to work his cell-phone.

In final news, The Nephew has requested that I write him another story. I told him only for Christmas and his birthdays but then, sucker that I am, I agreed to an end of the summer/going back to school story for him in a few months. (“Can you write me just one more story? It can be about whatever you want.”) This kid seriously needs to be reading all the fanfic but as we all know, most fanfic is not fit for kids. How hard would it be to start a trend where people write kid-specific fic? It could be a new subgenre and there could be a fic-for-kids community and stuff. The Nephew needs it, you guys!!

Well, that was a long-ass post but I guess that is all for a few days.