June 15th, 2012


Brothers A-Peekin'!

Today is my sister's birthday!! YAY! I am sure I will have stories for you next week about The Nephew and her birthday and the party he is 'helping' me throw for her. (I say 'helping' with quotes around it because his helping is more like 'demanding I have a party so he can come'. The BFF is really doing all the work - by which I mean 'bringing the cupcakes'. I am apparently very fond of 'quotes' tonight).

In the meantime, have a picture and a story about my sister's kitties.

When they were little (and bear in mind that sometimes when I say 'little' I actually mean little, as we found them abandoned in the road at the age of three weeks) they liked to get in my dresser drawers. When I was putting away laundry they would 'help' by climbing inside and refusing to get out. They were so cute, I usually didn't have the heart to remove them and thus it often took me two or three days to put my clothes away, because every time I tried they would come running back to get in my dresser again. James T. Kirk was the biggest fan of the dresser drawer. He liked to get in and have me shut it so it was only open a crack. As long as he could peek out and see that I was still here, he would be totally fine. He would lay down and take a three hour nap and when he was done, Kirk would let me know by sticking his little paw out the opening, so I could let him out. Pippin also liked to get in the dresser drawer but mostly I think because his brother did and they are BROTHERS! and they must do everything together.

Here they are playing a game of peek from my pajama drawer.

Peek! Peek!

Also, I got my sister these presents for her birthday, which she will be opening tomorrow. #1, #2 and #3.

The children's book and the movie will be good presents for her to open with The Nephew. I didn't plan it that way because I didn't know he was coming, but that worked out well. He won't care at all about The Pocket Guide but I think she'll love it best. And since The Nephew will be here, I guess we can watch the movie tomorrow night then.

That is all for tonight. Night all.