June 16th, 2012


Fan-Kids Unite!!

I am sitting here right now with the TV on low volume so I don't wake The Nephew who is asleep on the couch. But I have to leave the TV on low to watch the weather because it is weird outside right now. It is kind of blowy and stuff but it is also like really light out - way more light than it should be at this time of night and also green. Like really green looking outside. Very strange. And I am a little concerned because The BFF just got in her car to drive 30 minutes home.

I am probably jinxing it to say that we haven't had the sirens go off yet this year (or if we did it was during that strange weather we had at the end of March/beginning of April, so it hasn't been for a long while).

So the TV is on CBS and suddenly Hawaii Five-O comes on and I am just struck by how unbelievably hot all these people are. Just...hotties. All of them. I want to do bad things to them. Okay.

Anyways, I really just popped in to tell you all that The Nephew is writing his own fanfic now!! OMG. It is too cute. One of the stories was like, "Iron Man is fighting Lex Luthor. Iron Man is hurt bleeding really bad. Now Batman is here. He fights The Joker. Now Batman is shot in his leg and goes to the hospital. The legs on Iron Man's armor falls off." (that was a rough version from my memory, but close enough. After all, I don't reprint people's fanfic without their permission. LOL My nephew has fanfic!).

It is so AWESOME!! He is writing his own fics, you guys!! He draws little pictures on the front of the paper and then writes the title and follows it with a "This story is by..." And on one of them he even wrote "For: *my sister's name and my name* - if they were Hulks, they'd be my favorite Hulks."

You guys! On his X-Men fic I wrote him, my dedication at the top said, "If he were an X-Men, he would be my favorite X-Men of all because he is my favorite person of all."


I want to squeeze him all up!! MY FANBOY!!