June 20th, 2012


Actually, I Kind Of Want To Be A Zombie.

Awhile back I promised you a therapy story, so here it goes.

I started getting massage therapy to my neck and omg is this guy good. After a couple of sessions I may have said, "Um, is it sexual harassment if I ask you to marry me?" I told Kevin I just wanted the guy's hands and Kevin was like, "Yeah, I need his hands to come to work with the rest of him, thanks,"

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We are having a Fourth of July cookout this year - (I am betting we get at least 30 people to come) - and I kind of wanted to invite Massage Therapist. But I am off from therapy at the moment which makes it difficult to ask. If I was still working with him, I could be like all casual in our session, "You should drop by if you aren't doing anything." But now if I want to invite him, I have to call him at work or email him through their official site (which seems a little stalkerish). I am not even looking to date the guy - I just like hanging out with cool geeks. I guess I will veto that idea. It is still shaping up to be a pretty awesome barbeque though.