June 29th, 2012


I Win The Apocalypse.

I saw this cool meme on Tumbler and I wanted to do it. But I decided to remix it a little for Livejournal. So this is kind of A Remix Meme. But it is about Zombies, so...yeah, I am all over that. I don't know who started the original meme, but whoever it is, they are awesome.

Your Zombie Apocalypse Team - these are the people you gather at the end of the world, the survivors you find amongst the hordes of the undead. These are the people you will be fighting the masses of brain-eaters with, struggling to survive against impossible odds. These are the people you will be carving out a place in the world with when the undead have decomposed and left you behind, the people you will be starting over with should you survive that long - if your team is good enough.

Your team consists of...

The Last Musical Artist You Listened To.
The Main Character(s) Of The Last Book You Read.
The Main Character(s) Of The Last Movie You Saw.
The Main Character(s) Of The Last TV Show You Watched.

Who is your Zombie Apocalypse Team?

My team is Pink, Katniss Everdeen, The Avengers and The Office personnel (season four).


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It is clear my team will survive to the part of the apocalypse where we get to start our own commune, so now I have the toughest decision of all - which one of these guys do I want to start trying to repopulate the earth with?