July 2nd, 2012

that's my man

I Wonder If It Was A Dream.

In the last week I have had some of the worst nightmares I ever remember having. The first one had such graphic visuals of what was basically The Pit of Hell that I can still see it in my mind. The next one ended with me screaming my sister's name over and over and when I jerked awake, I was surprised I wasn't screaming it for real. The one I had last night put such a terrifying image in my head that after I woke up, I was afraid to sleep with my back to the room like I usually do. Eventually I turned on the TV hoping the light and sound would make me feel better. I could graphically describe these dreams to you but you would be freaked out by my brain.

And anyways, I have also had some awesome dreams in between all the horror. So let's talk about those...

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The Todd winked at me! Who cares if it was only a dream - I woke up happy.