July 5th, 2012

independence day

Happy 5th Of July!!

Er, yeah. I was going to make a post yesterday with President Whitmore's epic speech, because nothing says Freedom like kicking alien ass. But then I was too tired. Because we had a cookout yesterday. Cook-out, as in outside. In the heat. With the heat advisory. And the triple digits. Because we are crazy people.

I didn't realize how over-heated I was until I got inside again. I drank over 120 ounces of water, which is double the daily recommendation for someone my size but I was still way too hot. Between the heat and the rapid transition into air conditioning, I suddenly just needed to go to sleep. I laid on the couch for about an hour and watched the Independence Day marathon on AMC and then I got into bed like three hours earlier than normal and put in Battle: Los Angeles. Because it's totally patriotic. And it's a battle. In Los Angeles. I should be embarrased more by the fact that I well-up during the same scenes every damn time. Also, I dare you to watch this movie and not get a crush on Cpl. Imaly.

So we are crazy people but we had the cookout and it went very well. We had a range of people - an uncle on one side of the family, an uncle from the other, a cousin and his two teenage boys, another cousin and her little boys, a couple more cousins, my mom, my brother and his family, my sister (obvs), The BFF and ceitfianna. Not as many people as we expected but that was due to the heat, I'm sure.

So I didn't post yesterday and I almost didn't even make this post either. We lost our phone, TV and internet connection for a few hours tonight. So I played some video games for awhile and then I read a book. (I can hear liptonrm's gasp of shock from the next county over).

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Anyways, I was a little put out by losing the internet/TV, but then I remembered to be thankful that I had electricity and thus, air conditioning - (though we had a storm roll through and it dropped the temperature more than 25 degrees in less than an hour, which actually is a little unstable. I was a kind of freaked out because my one cat, Roo, went and hid in one of the chairs under the kitchen table just before the storm rolled in. I have never seen that cat hide under the table or even sit in one of those chair unless he is begging for food. I thought he must know something I didn't, but it turned out not to be that bad of a storm here).

Now the question is - do some writing or get into bed early and watch some Leverage. Decisions, decisions.