July 23rd, 2012


Detroit Back In The House!

You guys, you guys...MIGUEL CABERRA HIT HIS 300TH HOME RUN!!! HOLY SHIT, HOLY SHIT!! THAT WAS FUCKING AWESOME!! I literally danced around a little bit when it happened. Miguel is only the 14th person to do this before the age of 30, putting him on a list with the likes of Hank Aaron. That is so cool.

This came after Saturday's game where the Tigers took the lead in the Central Division over the White Sox. We are killing it - they have won something like 16 of the last 21 games. And Porcello almost made it through 9 whole innings in Saturday's game too, which is amazing. I was a little put off when he got pulled halfway through the 9th inning. So close, Rick, so close.

Also Sunday’s poll question was who deserved to be inducted in Cooperstown the most and two of the choices were Alan Trammell and Lou Whitaker. My thought is, "You can't have one without the other." You really can't. I don’t think any two players have played more games at their positions - 2nd and short - side by side with each other than those two. Ah, my childhood baseball 'ship.

In Real Life News - For those of you that were wondering, my dad finally got into a long term care unit last Friday. It took them freaking long enough. We kept telling him to call and find out what was taking so long and my dad would be like, "I don't want to bother anyone." It's their freaking job, man. He is there now though and my sister says it is a nice place. Unlike when I was in a rehab ward and it was just a hall in the hospital - this place has a rec room, a dining hall and a computer lab, so when my dad is feeling better, he can be a little social. I expect he'll be there until Thanksgiving time.

Then my mom called and wanted to know how my dad seemed. I was like, "Fine. Same as usual, you know." And then she started asking all these questions about how he felt, what the doctors said, what was being done. I finally told her, "Look, I don't feel comfortable telling people other people's private medical information." My mom was mad I wouldn't give her specific details, but I know my dad would be pissed as hell if I did. As a general rule, if someone tells me a private thing - medical, marriage, money - I just keep it to myself unless they ask me to pass it on. My mother's inability to understand this is the major reason why I don't tell her my own medical issues, because I know she will tell everyone she knows.

Anyhoo, with four homeruns in Sunday’s game, the Tigers swept the series against Chicago. Jacob Turner got his first big league win, Caberra got his 300th homerun and the Tigers are leading the Central Division by a game and a half. Now that they have knocked Chicago down to the second post, they will spend the week going up against the third place holders, Cleveland.