July 26th, 2012

alison lohman

Watching The Waves Roll Off The Rocks.

First things first - is anyone besides me and rhymephile watching School Spirits? It is a reality-reenactment type show on SyFy (Weds at 10pm) about haunted schools and colleges. I caught an episode a few weeks ago and it was FUCKING TERRIFING. It was the episode with the boy in the college dorm who had something coming out of his closet that kept saying his name - if anyone knows that episode. I was afraid to roll over in my bed afterwards, sure that the thing was going to be standing next to my bed like it did to the boy.

So I tried the show again this week, just to see if that scary episode had been a fluke. No, no it was NOT a fluke. This show is like afraid of the dark-afraid to roll over-holding my breath scary. I was so scared that I thought the show must be at the halfway mark and I looked and it was only 9 minutes into the episode. There was a creepy little girl ghost in this week's episode and ya'll know how creepy little girl ghosts freak my shit out. Afterwards I was afraid to turn off all the lights, so I got back up for like an hour. Then out of nowhere my alarm clock started going off - and not like the beepbeep or the radio, but just this static noise. Omg, you guys, I was so scared. I told my sister, "I was watching a really scary show and then Kirk left me alone in the bed and then I was afraid to be in the dark and then my alarm started going off all by itself, OMG." Turns out when I cleaned my room the other day and I accidentally hit the 'on' switch, but dudes, so scared. So yeah, School Spirits is really good. If you are interested, they are running a marathon on SyFy next Wednesday, the 1st, in the afternoon. Check it out.

And now I shall away for the weekend! The BFF got us a free cabin from some family friends (Go BFF!) and we are headed up in the morning. It is right up by the Mackinaw bridge, on the lake. Our plan is to sit in chairs and stare at the lake (The Sister may have a beer!) and then we are making The BFF grill for us (because it's not enough she got us a free cabin, she must also cook for us - it's her own fault for being so damn good at it!) and then I suggested we watch a scary movie because they are always scarier when you are in the dark in an unfamiliar place (my sister got us Woman In Black which I hear is quite scary) and we have cookies to bake in the oven.

All in all, it will be a nice relaxing weekend and most importantly, my sister won't have to run around doing crap for my parents all weekend cuz we'll be ON VACATION!

Have a good weekend, ya'll!!