August 1st, 2012


Ban On Movies Involving Singing Hookers.

I know you are all looking at my subject line and thinking, a) “What douchehole congressman put that bill up?” and b) “But I want to watch movies with singing hookers!”.

Rest assured, it was only the really old TV set-up at the cabin I was at this weekend that wouldn’t let me watch singing hookers. To be precise, Moulin Rouge. Also, we could not watch the scary movie we brought, Woman In Black, because it too was rated ‘R’ and we did not know the code number for the parental control units. However, it had no problem letting us watch The Walking Dead which makes literally no sense but whatever, we did a rewatch of the whole first season which was awesome.

The cabin was actually the perfect size for three people and had a small yard and then a dock that looked out across the lake, where the sun was shining all pretty. It looked quite similar to the picture in my icon actually, including having chairs just like that only in red. On Saturday I got up and wrote roughly 1,200 words, handwritten in a notebook all old-school. I was going to work on something I started last week but I ended up writing 1,200 words of little Sam and Dean getting to spend a summer at a cabin in Northern Michigan, one that was obviously inspired by the cabin I was staying in.

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After writing, I read the rest of my Meet the Stars of Buffy book - did you know that the necklace Angel wears all the time is actually David’s and was a present from his wife? I sat outside to read and ended up getting quite a nice burn. It has now reached the stage where the burn itches like crazy. I am sure it will start peeling tomorrow or Friday. I went back inside and played some video games and when the sun started to set, I went and sat with my headphones in a lawn chair and just watched the sunlight dance across the water. The BFF cooked on the grill for us twice, making yummy hot dogs and burgers, and then yummy BLTs on Saturday night. We spent the rest of the time watching The Walking Dead and I ended up having kind of freaky zombie dreams all night, some of which were about a world where Zombie was just a virus people got, like the flu, and nobody seemed to think much of it. I was working at my old daycare and they all seemed more concerned about a chickenpox outbreak.

It was really lovely there and The BFF even brought her dog and he was so well-behaved and thinks he is my new best friend. The BFF can’t have me anymore, I belong to her pup now. My sister wants to get a bigger place next year and go for a whole week. That would be nice. The BFF took pics, so I’ll see about getting some off her sometime soon.