August 5th, 2012


Like Seeing Him On Another Girl's Arm.

UGH EVERYTHING. The Tigers just let my very favorite player, Don Kelly, go.

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Anyways, I just can't stand the thought of seeing Don in a uniform that isn't Detroit.

I had much more to complain about - (stupid Awesome Time of Month has come at a bad time!) - but I also have a writing dilemma, so let’s skip ahead. Okay, so I wrote this dark wincest drabble about two years ago. It is like 150 words so I shouldn’t be stressing such a short fic so much, but since it is darker than anything I have ever posted, I am. I wrote a couple of really dark Grima fics back in my LotR days but in general, I don’t do ‘dark fic’. Recently though I have tried my hand at a few more and so I went back and did some rewrites on the drabble thing too. I think it is better now with the changes, darker now, but it feels like cheating. Like, it isn’t the actual story I wrote anymore and that feels wrong to me somehow. I can’t decide if I should post it in its original form or if I should post the rewritten version. Have any of you ever taken something you wrote a long time back and done rewrites years after? Which version should I post?

Poll #1858446 Writing Is Hard, Yo.

Which version of my fic should I post?

Post the original! Don't cheat us out of it.
Post the rewrite! You won't get arrested.
Post your Leverage fic! Who cares about stupid dark fic anyway.

Thanks and goodnight!