August 10th, 2012


Monogamous Dreamer. Except For Steve, He Doesn't Count.

I keep having dreams about Christian Kane. I mean, I like the guy, yeah, sure. But where are my dreams about Jeffrey Dean Morgan every once in awhile? I know recently it has been because I watch an ep of Leverage right before bed every night, but I also keep dreaming about Steve Carlson too and I am not watching him on TV right before so Idek. Maybe I just associate Christian and Steve as joined-at-the-hip, so if I am thinking about one, the other works his way into my dream. Actually a few weeks ago I dreamed I was making out with Steve, but I was sitting on a big bed in between Christian and Steve. While Steve and I were making out, Christian sat there and like, text messaged on his phone or played Angry Birds or whatever. I woke up and decided to go with the theory that I was going to have a threesome if I had just stayed asleep for longer.

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My brain, ladies and gentlemen. I kind of love it.