August 15th, 2012

enrique murciano

My Squee Cannot Be Contained!!!

You guys, you guys, OMG, OMG, OMG YOU GUYS!!!!

My squee level was already pretty high after The BFF sent me the new Red Dawn trailer - (more on that in a minute) - but I just read that Enrique Murciano will be on the new 666 Park Avenue this fall!! MY BOY, BACK ON TV!!!! I know, I know, he had a thing on NCIS, but this will be like an almost-regular thing. 666 Park Avenue is not a show I had planned on watching, as much I enjoy me some Terry O'Quinn - it just didn't spark anything in me when I read the synopsis. But it didn't sound awful or anything. In fact, it kind of sounds like a supernatural version of Melrose’s Place, being that it is an apartment building full of people who have made deals with the devil. Oh wait, that sounds exactly like Melrose’s Place. So I was kind of 'maybe, maybe not' on watching it, but now...OH YEAH, BABY!!! And he is going to be PLAYING A DOCTOR and it sounds like there will be SEXYTIMES and okay…I know it is stupid, but I actually have tears of total happiness in my eyes right now. My boy.

For those of you that are like, "Who? What now?"…here is a pic of my boy.
Enrique - face sexy
See, see why I am excited?! Watch 666 Park Avenue this fall so we can talk about how hot my boy is, okay? Cool.

Okay, I'll cut for space because I can see how much this is taking up on your Flists - (new stupid LJ album, I can't figure out how to make the picture of Enrique smaller) - but RED DAWN WHOO-YAY under the cut...Collapse )

Um, I need to go to sleep now. I get foul-mouthed and crazed when I am excited. This was too much...I feel like a toddler crashing from a sugar high after a Wiggles concert.
happy birthday

Birthdays And Such!!!

Happy Birthday to bugeyedmonster!!! I know you like pitbull pups, so I made you this card! I found the picture on the internet and it was too cute not to use. <3

Birthday Puppy-dodger_sister

In other news, it is also Ben Affleck's 40th birthday!

I don't care what you all think - I love his adorkable goober self!
Ben - goober face
I do, I do.

I am almost tempted to watch Kimmel tonight, just to see if he mentions how it is his boyfriend's birthday. No, I don't care that it was like eight years ago that Jimmy Kimmel made that Fucking Ben Affleck video - it is still the funniest thing for-ev-er. But 40. Damn. I know, I know, I'm 34 now, I should just get over it. I just have a hard time with how the people I watched as a teenager are now in their 40s and shit. David Duchovny turned 52 the other day. 52!! That shit is Not Allowed.

Er, anyways, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, bugeyedmonster - hope it was a really great one, darling!