August 17th, 2012


Ficage In July.

First, let me just say that as I was scrolling through my July archives to see what fic I had posted in years past, I came across two things of note. a) I was legit bitching in a post back in July of 2010 about how Red Dawn is never coming out. Apparently, even back then I thought the wait had already been too long for the release of this movie. Little did I know how much longer I would have to wait. And b) I was scrolling by posts and I saw this jump out at me - Please tell Jeremy Renner to come over later and make-out with me. K? Thanx. It was a letter directed at Ben Affleck about his movie The Town. I'm just sayin', I have always had good tastes in men, okay? (Still haven't actually seen The Town yet though - should make sure it is in the Netflix).

Now word county stuffs: Almost forgot to post this month. I went to put in my word count from yesterday (2,350 words!) and I saw that last month's list was still in the document. Oops. I would say it is a pretty diverse month, but I feel like I always say that, don't I? Still five different fandoms this month, including Falling Skies fic, so add a brand new fandom to my list! Also, the cabin fic that I wrote out by hand ended up being 300 words more than I had estimated once I had typed it out. But so very, very little on The BFF's fic.

Here is my approximate word count for the month.

July, 2012
Week One: 550 words of Leverage fic.
Week Two: 1,700 words of Falling Skies Tom/Weaver fic. Completed.
Week Three: 1,550 words of Christian/Jensen AU fic.
Week Four: 1,500 words of SPN Weechester Cabin fic. Completed.
Week Four and a Half: 700 words of Secret Crossover fic.

6,000 words written in July!

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My goal between now and the end of September is to finish The BFF's fic - it already has 8,000 words and it needs about 4,000 more, I think, to be completed. I also want to finish The Nephew's back-to-school fic which I started yesterday. That needs about 1,500 more words or so. And, of course, the birthday fic I started for wolfrider89 last year right before I went into the hospital. That one needs another 2,500 words, possibly more. It is going to be a challenge though because I stopped right in the middle of a sex scene and it is hard to start back up again right in the flow of porn, you know? If I have time, I would also like to finish the little Leverage fic I am working on. It needs another 1,000 words and I figure I can work on it when I am feeling tapped out on the other stories. That's about 9,000 words in six weeks - I can do that, right?