August 24th, 2012

eliza dushku

This Is A List.

1. Two TV things of note - On Sunday, the 26th at 12am (so midnight for the 25th, if that makes sense) on TVGuide Network is some show called ’Rove LA’. I am assuming it is like an entertainment insider show. Anyway, that night’s episode will feature Justin Timberlake, Eliza Dushku & James Marsden - Justin, Faith & Cyclops together! It’s like some bizarre crossover. I am Tivoing it. Also on the 27th, Monday, at 7pm on the G4 channel, Dominic Monaghan is going to be on Attack of the Show! It is a zany off-the-wall kind of talk show/entertainment show. I look forward to seeing what they end up talking about - (it never seems to be what the ‘regular’ interview shows talk about with guests).

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I feel like there was something more but since 5 is an odd number, let’s stop there. Have a good weekend all!