August 29th, 2012

reality tv

This Is My Reality. TV.

Today I watched some Storage Wars. I can't believe I am going to say this, but I am glad to see Dave back. I was worried they were going to keep that Jeff guy and I did not like him. Also, I think the What Not To Wear season might be over. As WNTW goes, it was kind of tame. There wasn't a single person in a skin tight leopard print body suit this season! The best one was the finale ep with the woman who wore all the rainbow stuff and the cow print pants. But everyone was so nice this season, which is enjoyable because they are so grateful for the transformation, but I like when every 3rd or 4th episode they have a crazy person who fights them all the way and gets Stacey's blood pressure up. As you can see, I have stooped low enough to get a ‘reality tv’ icon but I doubt it’ll ever be anything but What Not Wear in that slot. I mean, look at their goober-faces!

I have also discovered a new show called Collection Intervention. As a fan of Storage Wars and Hoarders, this show is right up my alley. It is about people who hoard except it is all collectable stuff. So the first episode has two people featured - one who collects Star Wars stuff and one who collects all Cat-Woman stuff. The first thing they do is an auction-house lady comes in and they show off their collections. This part was tons of fun because they had some cool vintage stuff, like the old Star Wars juice glasses they came out with in the 80s and the old 70s Japanese Cat-Woman figurines. Then they start talking about what they are or aren't willing to get rid of - (because they need space, because they need money, whatever). This is when you realize they have some severe emotional attachments to each individual piece. I get this in a way, because I know I would be loath to get rid of my own childhood action figures for personal attachment reasons, but these people have a whole house full of this stuff. And they get messed up over this shit. The Star Wars woman had a full-on panic attack over one single action figure. These people were as attached to their stuff as any person you see on Hoarders. My only compliant is that they don't have a psychologist on the show too. On Hoarders, they have an extreme cleaning specialist for the hoard and a therapist for talking the person through the emotions of it all. Collection Intervention could benefit from a psychologist because the auction-house lady is not equipped to deal with the emotional aspect - I mean, she is use to people coming to her when they want to get rid of things, you know. I am really enjoying it though. This week's episode has a man with 30,000 comics and I can't wait to see what some of them are.

Okay, so now the whole reason I made this post - Paranormal Witness. rhymephile said she needs a place-marker for her to come scream in terror during the commercial breaks.

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Okay, that's it for reality TV until Hoarders comes back. And Confessions: Animal Hoarding. When will that be?