August 31st, 2012


It Adds Up Like Math.

It has been a suckfest this week. It started out really good when anyothergirl415 started talking to me about Without A Trace and I convinced her to try some Danny/Martin and then proceeded to spend the next day and a half reading old fics and watching old fanvids and just generally reliving one of my favorite pairings ever, ever, ever.

But on Tuesday we got a phone call from my dad that the doctors want to do surgery on his leg. They wanted him to get into this rehab ward last year and he refused to go. By the time he finally decided to do it, their options had shrunk considerably because the leg was in such bad shape - (infections have taken their toll). The thing about my dad is that he is in really bad health and weighs more than I would like to admit. He is high risk when it comes to both atheistic and post-surgery infections. But it is basically their only option and I understand his decision that this is worth the risk because his quality of life is so poor. Needless to say, there is a really high chance my dad won't fare well with this surgery and we are all bracing ourselves for that.

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Plus side: I did finally manage to get my labwork drawn. I have been awake late every night which did mean that I got to watch Ferguson's first week at the new studio. I was also awake to see that JDM was going to be his guest, which somehow I hadn’t set to tape, so I caught that as well. The BFF came down early this afternoon so we could watch SYTYCD together just like old times. Also, she posted the first chapter of my birthday story, which deserves a rec post of its own so that it doesn't get lost amongst all of this crap I just threw at you. And she brought down the new S3 Community dvds.

In Sum: I started typing this post in the afternoon but didn’t get around to post it until 10:30 at night, and after several episodes of Community, I already feel the weight of this week lifting off me. Community: It heals all ails. Still...sucky week.