September 3rd, 2012

cw rps

Burn With The Fire Of Ten Million Stars.

First things first - FIC REC!! You guys, you guys...The BFF finally posted the birthday fic she wrote me. I got to read it on my birthday but now you all can read it too. So like, if you were going to write the perfect AU/Fusion fic for me, what would it be?

FAME AU!! CW RPS!! HIGH SCHOOL AU!! And...and...JENSEN/MISHA!!! And Jared/Genevieve. And bonus douchebag!Chad (as in, you know, he's a douche but you love him in spite of yourself kind of way, which is my favorite kind of Chad). With a little bit of that teenage angst I love so much. I'M GONNA LIVE FOREVER! I'M GONNA LEARN HOW TO FLY! FAME!!

It's a high school with actors, dancers, singers and Jensen/Misha!!!! Look at the things my girl does for me! This is only the first part but it has a nice end note feeling in the last line, so you can read it now. In fact, you should. You should all go read it and leave her lots of comments. REMEMBER MY NAME! FAME!!! One With The Sun.

Also, she decided to go ahead and post it because we just heard that Nigel Lythgoe will be producing a remake of the original TV series, Fame. I am divided on this because it is a scripted show which is not Nigel's usual thing but then again, it is Nigel so the network will let him do whatever he wants and give him tons of money for it. It will either suck or be awesome, but either way, I will watch it!

In my own writing news...I had that really frustrating thing happen the other day where I had an idea for a story - (let's say dirty sweaty adrenaline fueled handjobs in a stairwell) - and that was the whole point of the story. I figure 500 words or so to get through the intro and then...Handjobs! Except when I write it, it doesn't go that way. Instead I write 800 words, get to the kissing and think, 'Oh, that's a good place to stop for the night.' Only when I read through it the next day, it seems like a good place to stop, period. The last line I typed feels very complete. Except, I wanted dirty sexy handjobs! They weren't suppose to have Feelings and Realizations. They were just suppose to take their dicks out! Dammit. Now I don't know whether or not to end it on the kissing or to keep going. On one hand, I didn't complete a story last month so if I say it is finished, then I can check off one of my to-do-list. But then I won't get handjobs!! Dilemmas!

In Real Life dad's surgery is tomorrow. I did get a chance to go see him at the hospital this weekend and we had a nice visit. My little brother is downstairs sleeping in the guestroom right now so he and my sister can head up there at 5 in the morning. Thank you for all the well-wishes - you guys are the best!