September 4th, 2012

noah puckerman

Like A Flood. Relief.

My dad’s surgery went well. They said he lost a lot of blood and they almost did a transfusion but decided against it. He woke up after the anesthetic and he never stopped breathing during the surgery itself, which was a big concern because of his weight and whatnot. He is in a surgery step-down unit for the night and if he continues to do well, they will move him to the regular post-surgery ward for several days. The only concern we have left to worry about now is post-surgery infections. I think if he makes it through the end of the week, we will be in the clear.

I can honestly say I plan to sleep like a log tonight for the first time in a week. I am so relieved. With my dad’s health as bad as it is, I was prepared - (as prepared as one can be) - for the worst and I am kind of shocked that it all came out so well.

I really appreciate all the good thoughts from you guys. <3s

And since I am here, let me ask a question to all the people still watching Glee. My intention was to finish season three, watch Puck graduate - (yes, he is my favorite character) - and then be done with the show. Season 2 just didn’t work for me very well and I have several episodes of season 3 on my Tivo that I still haven’t gotten around to watching yet, which makes me think my interest has severely waned. So today I was going to go through my Tivo’s Season Pass Manager and take Glee out and put in Collection Intervention and Paranormal Witness, as well as clean out any other things that needed it. When I went through my Wishlist though - the season 4 premiere of Glee popped under Mark Salling’s name. And imdb tells me he is still on the show. I know that they plan on following Rachel in season 4, which I think is both a mistake on the part of the show and on Lea Michele’s career but whatever. So, without spoiling me for anything else in season 3 or 4, tell me - are they following Puck post-graduation or did he get held back? I can’t imagine I will watch season 4 either way but I held off on pulling it from my manager for the moment. I love Puck so much, it’s ridiculous, but the show itself I have kind of fallen out of love with, That’s okay, all I need is season one and the Grinch Christmas episode - (which I got for Christmas last year!).