September 11th, 2012

oral fixation

Beta Request & Pretty Boys.

I have finished wolfrider89's birthday fic.

This is momentous. See, her birthday is Sept 15th and last year, I started a story for her on like the 12th, that was meant to be 1,500 words or so. And then it started growing. And then I was getting ready for my brother to come visit and I told her she could have it by the end of October. And then I got that concussion and ended up in the hospital and was ill for months afterwards. I had been in a great porn-flow before all that happened but I never could pick it up again. I was determined to finish it in time for her birthday this year. I pulled it out last week and did some edits and finally fixed what it was that was bothering me about the story. It worked much better and so this week, I wrote the rest - 3,000 words more in two days!


Now I need a beta. That can turn it out by Saturday. And that would have my flirty batting eyelashes directed their way if they could do this for me. It's 6,650 words and 4,450 of those words are pure porn - (see now I'm just teasing her). It doesn't need a lot, just mostly betaing the sex scenes to make sure I didn't accidentally give someone three hands or three penises (settle down, pervs!). I don't want to say more here, where someone might pick up her package and shake it to see what's inside, but if you think you can do it, I would be eternally grateful because this story has been a pain in my side and now that it is done, I am rather fond of it. In a dirty way.

Any takers? If so, you can comment here and I'll PM you with more details once Collection Intervention is over.

And now, I would like to share something that an awesome friend made for me when my dad was having surgery and I was so worried about him. I am a little creeped out at how vikingprincess is like, inside my head. I mean, look - Murdock! And Ben Affleck! And Billeh! I just wanted to share the pretty, pretty boys.

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That is all.